Language design – more than just translating

Many Finns are capable of translating sentences from English into Finnish. This does not mean, however, that you should simply ask any Finn or Finnish agency to translate your company’s texts.

Finnish grammar and structure differ a lot from other languages. Literal translations from English almost never work. Texts need to be customised for the Finnish audience in order to ensure the proper flow, context and tone.

Grammatical errors and poor style can easily give the wrong impression and convey a cheap and unprofessional image. That is certainly not what any company wants for its brand.

A successful translation is not one that has been translated word for word but, rather, one that retains the meaning of the original text. At Jokiranta, we endeavour to do just that. Our language design approach always keeps its focus on the brand and business goals of the client.

Our services: language planning and content creation

Do you have a text that needs translating? Or have you already received a translation, but would like reassurance that its quality is up to par? Either way, we are here to help.


We also offer translation services in collaboration with our partner agency.


We select, condense and revise text material and polish its linguistic form in order to achieve a coherent text that supports the business goals and image of the company. Our approach involves the improvement of text structure, syntax and the choice of words and idioms.


We detect and correct grammatical, typographical and spelling errors.


We design and produce different types of texts for various platforms and media channels, both digital and print. Video production is also available.

About Jokiranta

Viestintätoimisto Jokiranta is a communications agency specialising in the refinement of a company’s core message and the creation of content that speaks specifically to the intended target group. With strategic communication and language design, we help companies to achieve their desired corporate image.

Jokiranta was founded in Turku, Finland in 2003. Reliability, journalistic professionalism and a profound understanding of our customers’ businesses are just a few of the values upon which our company is built. 

Our customers have expressed their gratitude for the high quality of services and flexible approach our company provides.


Our clientele includes a wide range of industries. Small businesses, publicly listed companies and state-owned organisations, such as universities and research institutes, have chosen Jokiranta as their primary agency.

We are happy to provide more information about us, our services and our references. 

Suvi-Anni Huhtinen
Communications Consultant
+358 50 4076 980